Calling All Parents with Playground-aged Children

Parish Councillor Peter Rose writes …

Thomas Homes has invited the Parish Council to discuss our requirements for a playground adjacent to the new village hall at the Community Hub.

The new playground will be of limited size.  We feel it is important therefore to install the most popular items of playground equipment to complement existing playgrounds.

We are inviting all parents of playground-aged children to let us know their views about this.  Please follow this link to complete a short questionnaire.

We appreciate that this is a busy time of year but we need responses by midday on 5th January, ready for our meeting the next day.

Please take a few minutes to help us.

Thank you.  Peter Rose.

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3 Responses to Calling All Parents with Playground-aged Children

  1. Lisa Cumming says:


    Traditional play areas tend to date very quickly and as we have two play areas in the village with the kinds of play equipment children quickly out grow our view is that we need more wooden adventure agility equipment – balancing. Climbing, scaling, stepping etc but Let’s encourage children to use their imagination too.

    There are excellent examples in the play area at the Brightwell recreation area. They also have a small theatre for children to put on a puppet show or to play shop.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Whatever equipment they have please can it be fenced off so that unlike at Bodkins you don’t have to clean up dog poo before the kids start playing, or watch a dog wee against the equipment your child is playing on. Thanks.

  3. Peter Rose says:

    Lisa, thank you for your thoughtful comment. We will certainly consider these ideas when we discuss the playground plan with Thomas Homes. What we are able to build will probably be limited by the size of the plot available.

    Chris, thank you for your comment. We will certainly consider this when planning the new playground. In fact, we tried to fence in the Bodkins playground when it was expanded but at the time it was felt that any fence would be too close to the football pitch and could be a problem for the players.

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