Community Speedwatch

The Long Wittenham Community Speedwatch Group is almost up and running.

Parish Councillor David Corney has recruited six residents and they have received training from Thames Valley Police (TVP).  A further two volunteers are soon to undergo training.

The group await the allocation of a speed gun so that they can commence operations. Details of how the scheme operates are on the Community Speedwatch website.

At the moment, one location is approved where the group can check speeds.  The sites where the group can operate are constrained by TVP rules (see below).  The group needs to be covered by TVP insurance, so TVP needs to approve all operational locations.

Unfortunately, the constraints make it impossible to check speeds into and out of the village along the Didcot Road, as this area is within 100 metres of a speed reduction sign (from derestricted to 20 mph).  Furthermore, and ironically, further constraints are added by the traffic calming measures that the village has already introduced.  There needs to be clear sight along a straight road for at least 100 metres, ensuring that no obstacles or traffic calming measures intrude, and which also allows safe access away from the road for the speedwatch team.

TVP Rules:

  • The site is in a 20mph, 30mph or 40mph speed limit zone.
  • Vehicles cannot be recorded within 100 metres of the start, end or change in speed limit.
  • The site is not within a newly introduced or revised speed limit (within 3 months). During this time letters will only be sent to the worst offenders.
  • The site is not within the confines of an area which has a number of identifiable traffic calming measures – subject to a site survey.
  • The site is not located within sight of a mobile camera or static camera enforcement site on the same road.
  • The monitoring of vehicles from the opposite side of a carriageway will disqualify a site request.

Despite these constraints, the village Speedwatch group will soon be out recording offending vehicles, and sending a message to speeding motorists that they are not welcome.  The group will identify further speedwatch locations within the village which meet the TVP constraints, but for now they have enough to get started.

If you are interested in joining the village speedwatch group, please contact David at

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4 Responses to Community Speedwatch

  1. Sue Marsh says:

    The one place that really needs a speed check ie the Didcot Rd. and it can’t happen! I am sure the irony of this will not be lost on those who live near there.!

  2. Jane May says:

    Yes, when I was on the PC we were advised that for the same reasons, valid speed checks
    At the other end of the village on the Clifton Hampden Road would also not be possible….

  3. Anne Beacham says:

    Didcot rd is the bain of our existence they do not slow even when someone is waiting to come out of Saxons Heath.

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    So, basically speaking, this Speedwatch incentive will not be allowed in the places that most residents have identified as a needing enforcement. Ie. The roads into Long Wittenham from Didcot, Clifton Hampden and Little Wittenham and, of course, within the 20mph limited area.
    Or am I misreading the information.

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