Didcot Road Works

As previously posted, part of Didcot Road will be resurfaced by Elvira’s contractors between 19th and 21st July.

This resurfacing will include the construction of the Humped Zebra Crossing between the new homes and The Crescent (marked by red paving in the verge on the construction plan) and also the construction of the road hump to accompany the build-out that is presently marked with temporary blue signs.  The road will also have new white lines where it is resurfaced.

This is all part of the scheme approved by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) following several rounds of consultations and minor amendments to the original scheme.  Until it is completed, it is difficult to see how the traffic calming will perform longer term.

After it has been completed the new work will all be subject to a Stage 3 Safety Audit by an independent road safety engineer.

The Parish Council has also been promised that if further work is required to enforce the new 20mph zone, OCC will make funds available for additional traffic calming features.

The Parish Council is not in control of these works.

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  1. Debra+Steele says:

    That’s good news for the village, that we are getting humps.

    Our new street light, outside 23 Didcot Road, does not work. Does anyone know when they are being switched on?? Would be nice for the winter, if this is not too much to ask.


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