Help Protect Green Spaces This Bank Holiday Weekend

Earth Trust has launched a campaign, Love It, Look After It, to encourage those enjoying green spaces this Summer to help look after them as well

The charity, which cares for hundreds of hectares of farmland and community green spaces in towns including woodland, wetlands and wildflower meadows, has seen visitor numbers dramatically increase this year due to the pandemic.

But, as more of us have been out discovering these green oases, the charity says that looking after them has become an increasingly challenging task, with traffic, parked cars, litter, fires and wildlife disturbance also on the up.

Jayne Manley, Earth Trust CEO, says “Green spaces everywhere depend on us, and we depend on them.  They are critical in the fight against climate change, home to the insects that pollinate our food crops, and essential for our physical and mental health and wellbeing.  They are a part of British culture and heritage, and support our economy, tourism and recreation.  If we want them to look after us in the future, we need to get serious about looking after them now.”

Find out more about the campaign and how to visit green spaces safely this weekend at the Earth Trust website.

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