Kler Planning Application – More Amendments

Kler have made yet more amendments to their planning application to re-align the Didcot Road to facilitate the entrance to the site of their housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road.

These latest amendments are dated 5/9/2018 and 18/9/2018 although some of the documents appear to be duplicates.  The public consultation has been extended to 5th October so residents have another opportunity to comment on the plans.

The plans and amendments can be viewed here:


The Parish Council’s latest objection, which was filed with South Oxfordshire District Council on 11th September can be viewed here.

Residents can comment either on the website or by email to registration@southandvale.gov.uk quoting reference P18/S1964/FUL.

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One Response to Kler Planning Application – More Amendments

  1. Bryan and Angela Humphris says:

    y wife and I WISH TO OBJECT MOST STRONGLY to the latest appeal by Kler because of the upheaval and disruption which will be caused to the Village and residents whilst the proposed work goes on. This work was not anticipated when the original appeal was made and one wonders had this information been given to the inspector at the time of that appeal if the Inspector would have come to the same conclusion.

    The disruption to the village will be severe and the threat to the Trees along the road is not acceplable.

    We already have traffic jams when the refuse lorries and other large vehicles have to negotiate the very narrow turning points on the High Street, How can creating additional ones be justified?

    Please resist this appeal and propose that Kler create an acceptable access using their wn land and not at the expense of the village.

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