Landmark In Time – The World of Wittenham Clumps

A new book has been published this week based around Wittenham Clumps.  The author is Peter Adamson, a resident of Brightwell-cum -Sotwell.

The book consists of a series of essays on a variety of topics relating to people, historical events, science and natural history.  Each topic has a connection with the Clumps.  The book ends with an account of the history of England as seen from the Clumps.

For more information visit the website

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8 Responses to Landmark In Time – The World of Wittenham Clumps

  1. Edwin Heywood says:

    Looking forward to reading your book Peter, will certainly bring back some pleasant memories of bygone years, thanks for your help & consideration.
    Suppose it will take a little while to arrive with Covid-19 restrictions World Wide.

  2. Posted this morning Edwin. Hope it brings back good memories. All good wishes. Peter

  3. Edwin Heywood says:

    Highly recommend reading to everyone within site of “The Wittenham Clumps”
    an adventure guaranteed to hold your attention from the beginning and an Historical education lesson included.
    Regards to All
    Edwin Heywood

  4. Mike Towndrow says:

    It looks to be an interesting book.
    However, a book of the same name and by the same author appears to have been published in 2013. So is this a re-issue of the same book, or does this new edition contain significant new content?

    • Landmark in Time was published for the first time in June of this year. I don’t know of another book by the same name – if there is one it is definitely not by me. Can I ask – where did you see it?

      • Mike Towndrow says:

        Hi Peter,
        I saw your book in an article in the Abingdon Herald and as a volunteer for the Earth Trust am very interested in buying a copy. I assumed a google search would take me to your site, but this link came up: – Which shows a publication date of 14/11/2013. It’s not a site I’ve seen before and I guess must just be a typo by turnaround-uk. Hoping to get our order for your book in via your site soon.

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