Litter Pick Report

Volunteers were busy along the roadside and river collecting rubbish in the village last Saturday.  Organiser Clifford Bosley said: “Altogether we filled twenty-five sacks.  Among items collected were what appeared to be a portable toilet, motorcar parts and a car tyre.  Other items found along the main road were baby nappies and women’s sanitary products”.

Pickers praised Fieldside (concrete road), the footpaths leading to Westfield, Westfield itself and Saxons Heath for being largely rubbish-free, but found heavy concentrations of litter in the ditch along Didcot Road. and along the main road to Clifton Hampden.

It was the first village Litter Pick in two years. The Covid pandemic called a halt to proceedings in 2020.  Clifford Bosley thanked those that turned out and praised Martin Brooks, who has regularly been seen out in the village with a picker.

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  1. Chris Waites says:

    Thank you to the amazing litter pickers and sorry I couldn’t join you as I was working. The village is looking very tidy and the amount you collected and left by the village hall was incredible!

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