Neptune Wood Meadow Closed

Some residents will have noticed that Neptune Wood meadow is closed.

Earth Trust has announced that it needs to allow the field to be grazed safely by its sheep and so the permissive footpath that runs between Sylva Foundation and Little Wittenham is temporarily closed for about six weeks whilst the livestock is on the site.

It aims to open the site again ready for the village fun run on the 18th September.

There is more information on the Earth Trust website.

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2 Responses to Neptune Wood Meadow Closed

  1. chris Alan waites says:

    Shame they don’t just ban dogs from the path but I suppose some dog owners would ignore the rules.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Shame they don’t just ban dogs from the meadow temporarily but I suppose the sort of owners who don’t pick up dog poo would just ignore any restrictions.

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