New Parish Councillor

The Parish Council welcomed a new member to its ranks at its meeting on Thursday evening, when David Corney was co-opted as a councillor.

Gordon Rogers stepped down from the council in May, having served as counciller, and latterly as chairman, for eleven years, leaving a vacancy.

David Corney grew up in Oxford.  He and his wife Denise have lived in Long Wittenham for the last thirteen years.  He was the Director of the Scientific Computing Department at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory until four years ago, when he took partial retirement.

He has been the foot-path warden for the village for the past three years, and in May last year started the Long Wittenham Dog club which now has more than fifty members from the village and the surrounding local area.  David can often be seen out and about the village walking his two black Labradors Henry and Winston.

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8 Responses to New Parish Councillor

  1. Sally Duff says:

    Brilliant addition to the PC, I look forward to working alongside David.

    • David Corney says:

      Sally, thank you. That is very kind. I am excited, and a touch nervous, but really looking forward to helping to contribute. I am so impressed with the skill, care, honesty, integrity, humour, and dedication of the LW Parish Councillors. It’s an honour to be part of the team. I have much to live up to, and am looking forward to trying. Best, David

  2. June Eastwood says:

    Congratulations David. You might have grown up in Oxford, but you have the commitment of a lifetime resident of Long Wittenham. Good luck in your new post.

    • David Corney says:

      Thank you June. Its good to feel like a local. I have lived in many places, but nothing felt better than coming back to Oxfordshire. Settling in Long Wittenham was a very good decision. Its very good to be involved with such a dedicated group of people on the PC. Best regards, David

  3. Edwin Heywood says:

    Congratulations David, although the distance is not conducive to personal contact I wish you every success in your endeavours for the benefit of the residents of Long Wittenham,
    If you would like some background info on me please feel free to ask Roger regarding our previous activities and thank him for his support in my endeavours over the years.
    Wishing you every Success in your future roll.
    Edwin Heywood / Resident in Adelaide, South Australia.
    My Son & I Enjoyed our time in Long Wittenham during the Queens Anniversary and the task of scattering my Wife’s ashes in Little Wittenham Wood, hope this has peeked your curiosity sufficiently to contact Roger for further details, please give him my deepest regards & thanks. Ed

    • david corney says:

      Many thanks Edwin. I recall reading an article about your recent visit. I will endeavour to follow up with Roger. Best regards, David

  4. Tim Read says:

    Congratulations David!

  5. david corney says:

    Many thanks Tim. Lets have a catch up walk soon please. Its always good to head out on a morning walk and talk about the Earth Trust, dogs, footpaths, and anything else that comes to mind. Best regards, David.

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