North East Didcot Housing Development Update

The North East Didcot housing development will be bigger than originally planned.  Land owners Reading University says its developers want to add at least another 120 homes on an area previously earmarked as ‘retained farmland’.

A planning application is expected to be lodged with South Oxfordshire District Council which, if approved, will bring the total number of homes scheduled for the whole development to more than 2,000, up from 1,880 in the original plans.

The land the University wants to develop is in the north-west corner of the site bounded to the east by Ladygrove Brook, the Sustrans cycle path to the west and Appleford Road to the north.  Allotments and a nature park are also proposed adjacent to the houses.

Road and other infrastructure works are already underway on the south of the development off the Didcot ring road and this is where the first homes will be built next year.

When the plans were first announced three years ago 1,880 homes were scheduled to be built over ten years.  The plans include a secondary school for 750 to 1,000 pupils, two primary schools, a sports centre, community centre, shops, pubs, medical centre, playing fields, open spaces, footpaths and cycle paths.

More information on the North East Didcot Partnership Website:

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  1. Donna King says:

    This should not go ahead,enough is enough!!!!!!!Retained farm land should be left alone ,when is this going to stop?Too much money being made no respect for villages!!!!

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