OCC Approves New River Crossing

Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC) Cabinet has approved plans for the new road and river crossing linking Didcot with the Culham Science Centre.  The decision will bring millions of pounds worth of highways improvements to the Didcot area.

The Cabinet’s move also supports a bypass for Clifton Hampden, widening of the A4130 Didcot to the A34 from a single to dual carriageway, and a new Science bridge over the road and railway into the former Didcot A power station site.  See a map showing the four schemes.

The total cost of the schemes is put at £234m of which the government agency Homes England will contribute £218m.  The county council will fund the remaining cost.

The Cabinet took a key decision to accept the preferred alignment of the routes of the four parts of the scheme put forward by its officers.  In a statement the county council said: “The investments will enable the development of essential transport links.  It will make sure sustainable infrastructure is built where it is needed to support the development of much needed new homes and jobs.”

Long Wittenham Parish Council welcomes the new river crossing road because it should siphon traffic away from the village.  However the council urges the county council’s highways planning team to ensure that a connecting road is in place from the expanding Ladygrove estate to the new link road.

Burcot and Clifton Hampden Parish Council lodged an objection over the Clifton Hampden bypass proposal on the grounds that it would be a “road to no-where” and add to congestion at the Golden Balls roundabout.

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2 Responses to OCC Approves New River Crossing

  1. Mike Pearson says:

    Burcot and Clifton Hampden Parish Council’s objection to the bypass on grounds of congestion at Golden Balls roundabout!?!?!?
    What planet are they on? Perhaps they should open their eyes and experience the current congestion levels in the morning afternoon and evening in all directions, to and from Clifton Hampden bridge and the main traffic light junctions in the centre of the village. Moving possible congestion to a non-habitated area like Golden Balls would be a massive bonus to the whole area.

    • Debra Steele says:

      Totally agree. Would be lovely not to feel like we live on the M1 instead of Long Wittenham. The traffic has quadrupled since Ladygrove started. Hope they start it asap.

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