Oxford-Cambridge Arc Consultation

People across South Oxfordshire are being urged to have their say on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, a Government led project which will have an impact on the district in the future.

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc includes the area between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge and aims to make significant economic, social and environmental improvements across the region by 2050 and beyond.  It supports over two million jobs, adds over £110 billion to the economy every year and houses one of the fastest growing economies in England.

The Government is currently developing a vision for the Spatial Framework – a long-term strategic plan for growth across the area – which will help support planning for the future with the aim of helping to create jobs, drive investment, protect and enhance the environment, and provide infrastructure to make the Arc a better place to work and live.

The Government has announced a 12-week public consultation on the future of the Ox-Cam Arc and people are being encouraged to help to create the Spatial Framework’s vision for the area to 2050 under the following themes:

  • The Environment
  • The Economy
  • Connectivity and Infrastructure
  • Place-making

Once agreed, the shared vision will help to determine which new policies are developed and ultimately will shape government plans for the Oxford to Cambridge Arc region.

This public consultation is the first of three that will guide a new Spatial Framework over the next two years.

To find out more and to have your say visit placebuilder.io/futureofthearc.  The consultation is open until 12th October 2021.

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  1. J May says:

    I would be interested to know how Government plans for the Arc will relate to, or take into account, more local strategic planning frameworks belonging to eg Oxfordshire County Council or our own SODC Local Plan; unfortunately I think I may suspect the answer.

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