Parish Council Changes

Gordon Rogers has stepped down as chairman of the Parish Council after five years in the post.  At the council’s meeting on 12th May he also left the council after serving for eleven years.

The new chairman is Steve Brown who has been a councillor since 2014.  He was chairman from 2015 to 2017 and he brings a wealth of experience to the role.

In his farewell speech, Gordon Rogers said he had enjoyed being chairman but he thought it time for someone new to take up the reins.  He said the council faced many challenges, the most important of which is the public referendum on the revised Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), which is expected to take place in July and for which he will be voting “yes”.

He said the NDP, combined with the council plans for the Community Hub, are vital for the future of the village if the community is serious about moving forward.

Steve Brown thanked Gordon for his service to the Parish Council and village as councillor and chairman, and hoped that he would continue to take an interest in the business of the council.

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