Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 14th July

The Parish Council will hold its monthly meeting in the Village Hall at 7:30pm on Thursday 14th July.

All residents are invited to attend.  Download the agenda here.

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3 Responses to Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 14th July

  1. June Eastwood says:

    Sadly the agenda, through Drop box, doesn’t download correctly! Visible for a split second, then emulates the Cheshire cat!

    • Admin says:

      That’s odd. I’ve not had any other comments about this and I have tried it with four different browsers and it loaded okay with all of them

      I have sent the agenda directly to your email address.

      • June says:

        Many thanks for the response. I’m using Silk, via a kindle. The Dropbox download is bizarre, and not typical. If I copy and paste the corrupted Agenda to this response box, it becomes perfectly legible. Just an internal glitch or gremlins within the Kindle probably! Thank you for the new, legible link.

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