Parish Councillor Resigns

Long Wittenham parish councillor Ian Penberth has resigned because of work and family commitments.  He says a combination of business, family and health issues have conspired to bring about his decision.

In his letter of resignation he said needed a break from parish council work to avoid distraction from other more pressing commitments.  However, he has not closed the door completely on village affairs, saying: “I will remain interested in our local issues and hope to make contributions where and when I can.”

Ian joined the council in October last year.  He was involved in the village Community Speedwatch programme which has been suspended temporarily during the Coronavirus emergency.

Council chairman Gordon Rogers said: “Regretfully we have accepted Ian’s resignation and understand the reasons behind his decision.  Although a councillor for only a short time, Ian kept a keen eye on issues affecting the village, in particular planning matters and the Speedwatch campaign.  We thank him for his contribution to the council and village”.

The resignation reduces the number of parish councillors to five, two short of its maximum number.  The council and village face challenging times.  Work is expected to start soon on the housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road, the revised Neighbourhood Development Plan is about to reach a crucial stage, and a planning application for the Community Hub is anticipated.

Gordon Rogers said: “The next few months will be important for Long Wittenham and we need members of the community to play an active role.  I ask residents to think about joining the council and help in shaping the direction of the village.”

Your parish councillors:

Gordon Rogers: 01865 407234 /
Steve Brown: 01865 407589 /
Peter Rose: 01865 407603 /
Sally Duff: 01865 407788 /
Liz Yuille: 01865 407110 /

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