Plans to Make 20mph the New 30mph in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet will decide on 19th October whether to endorse plans to make it simpler to lower speeds to 20mph as part of its aspiration to see limits lowered on most urban areas and village streets in places where it is suitable and supported by residents.

Last month, as part of the policy change work, 20mph limits were introduced in the South Oxfordshire village of Cuxham on a pilot basis, while Long Wittenham is one of four more pilot schemes planned, depending upon the outcome of the recent consultation.

There is a clear link between the speed of traffic and the likelihood of accidents happening in which people are killed or injured.  People are seven times more likely to survive if they are hit by a car driving at 20mph than at 30mph.   It is hoped that as 20mph areas become more common, breaking the limit will become socially unacceptable for drivers.

More information on the Oxfordshire County Council news website.

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2 Responses to Plans to Make 20mph the New 30mph in Oxfordshire

  1. Ruth McCreight says:

    If the drivers don’t take notice of 30 signs why would they notice 20 signs. Money would be better spent on a new Thames bridge..

  2. Debra Steele says:

    Please will someone, ideally the Councillors, come & sit on the Didcot Road & see how many cars seriously speed into & out of the village. Its crazy. How many times does the 30mph warning sign flash? The cars will NEVER slow to 20 when they cannot even slow to 30. Money would be better spent on the Thames bridge to quieten our villages down.

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