Road Closure – Ladygrove

Some residents may have noticed that Ladygrove, known locally as “The Straight Mile”, is closed to traffic.  The Parish Council was not advised of this closure in advance as it is an emergency closure.

According to One Network, it may last until 25th July – see below.

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4 Responses to Road Closure – Ladygrove

  1. Liz Nightingale says:


  2. Anne Byard says:

    Humm! Prior warning at the bottom of Sires Hill and as you come out of Broadway Didcot would assist.

  3. Martin Brookes says:

    I forgot about this but managed to get through at 10:50am today as one carriageway was open and traffic lights in place.

  4. Chris Waites says:

    Smelt very strongly of natural gas at the North end when I drove along there a few days ago so called Transco

    Better a diversion than turned into dispersed red mist!

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