Science Vale Cycle Network Update

Read the latest about the progress of the Science Vale Cycle Network (SVCN) project in the January edition of the Oxfordshire County Council Update.


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One Response to Science Vale Cycle Network Update

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Good news overall, but shame on the Parish Council for objecting to double yellow lines to protect the cycle bypass. This is blocked more often than not, and will only get worse once the schools return properly and the yummy mummies decide to block the road rather than park at The Plough 50 metres away as they are allowed to do.

    The “trust drivers to park sensibly” has failed, and decrying a bit of yellow paint on a road is incredibly strange. Only need to witness the gridlock most mornings pre-lockdown with cars approaching from different directions blocked by parked school cars to know trusting people to be sensible doesn’t work.

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