SODC Local Plan Update

Here’s the latest on the South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) Local Plan from our District Councillor Sam Casey-Rerhaye:

You may have seen the latest letter from the Secretary of State for Housing to SODC.  It is on the council website here:

He has for a second time prevented South Oxfordshire from debating issues on the Local Plan.  He has decided, for reasons that I and others believe are highly debateable, with evidence to back up our belief, that we are one of the most uncooperative councils regarding having an up to date Local Plan.  Of course, on anyone’s estimation, the delay caused by his direction has made any Plan we have or may adopt, even more out of date.

I and my fellow councillors are extremely concerned about this turn of events.  I’m afraid I do not know at this time whether the meeting on Thursday evening of the Council will have any public participation.  Officers will contact those who have registered to let them know, I believe they took phone numbers this time after the last meeting debacle.

At this stage I do not have much more to add.  We will be, of course, discussing this a great deal in Council and preparing for the examination in public that the inspectors will hold, probably in the early summer but it could be even earlier.  If your community has registered to appear at the examination, it would be good to start preparing for that as soon as possible.

As ever, please contact me with questions, comments etc. I am sorry this is not better news.  I will keep you updated.

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