South Oxfordshire Among Top Recyclers

Residents in South Oxfordshire are among the top recyclers in the country, yet again!

The Government recently published figures showing how much waste is recycled across the country.  South Oxfordshire District had the second highest recycling rate in England with 64 per cent of its waste being recycled.

Vale of White Horse district came joint third with 63.3 per cent of its waste being recycled.  This puts the two districts way above the national recycling rate of 45.5 per cent and they are also two of only eleven local authorities in the country with a recycling rate above 60 per cent.  Both districts have consistently been in the top ten in the past five years.

As the figures cover the period from the beginning of April 2019 to the end of March 2020, they only include the very first week of the national lockdown last year.  So the impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns on the collection of household waste in the districts will not be revealed until next year’s figures.

More information on the Government website.

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