Speed Survey

The Parish Council has been advised by the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Traffic and Road Safety Team, that the speed survey equipment to monitor the effect of the 20mph speed limit in the village will be installed on 16th November.

The equipment is expected to be in place for about a week.  The data will be passed to OCC about ten days after the equipment is collected, following which, the Parish Council will be sent the results.

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7 Responses to Speed Survey

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Then what happens? I have seen little reduction in speeds through the village or as cars pass my entrance on to the high street unless there is a hold up due to pressure of traffic . We can then guess there has been an accident on theA34
    Frankly a 20 mph limit is hard to keep to a drop to25 mph wold have been more reasonable even police cars not sounding a siren don’t keep to 20
    Fill the potholes instead and spend money on the foot paths so we can walk safely through the village.

    • Chris Waites says:

      Keeping to the speed limit is easy – use the speed limiter if your car has one fitted or use the speedometer in front of you. It may feel slow initially but you soon get used to it.

      If you don’t drive at 20mph you can hardly complain when other motorists don’t. My observation is that most (but not all) villagers and a large number of other motorists are sticking to the 20mph limit, and the number of motorists grossly exceeding the limit has reduced except on Didcot Road where there is evidently more work needed. E.g. if Little Milton can have a chicane BEFORE you enter the village at both ends on an A-road why can’t we?

      • Ann Tomline says:

        I didn’t say That I didn’t keep to the limit just what I had observed from my home and travelling around the district where there are now20 mph limits . I would rather see money spent on the pavements with hedges cut back so residents can walk safely around the village. I know of at least 4 people who have had nasty falls walking along the path coming from Clifton Hamden side into the village towards the church and village hall due to the narrow uneven path and hedge over growing the path.

        • Chris Waites says:

          Agree 100% that hedges and cars parked on pavements should be tackled but from experience the Parish Council when I raised it with them directly has shown zero interest in tackling either and so very likely little chance of action. It’s frustrating that in a village with generally wide pavements there are many areas you cannot easily walk with a wide pushchair or wheelchair.

          Walking around the village with crutches a few years ago was a real eye opener for how many villagagers mus struggle because the verges have become mud or hedges block the path. Lesson learnt. I never park on pavements/verges any more.

  2. Robert Calcutt says:

    I am guessing that this will be yet another waste of the money that we pay as rates. Until the police do the job that they are paid to do – investigate, catch and prosecute offenders, crime will continue to go unpunished, and that includes speeding.

  3. Gillian Byrne says:

    I agree with comments! Also have seen people that live in the village speeding!! Working speed camera is a better idea

  4. Jane May says:

    Can we be told please whether speed will be measure at both ends of the village? It certainly occurs at both ends. Thank you.
    On the subject of traffic, can we also be told if there are route restrictions in place for the Boathouse development? 40ft dumper trucks are regularly leaving the site towards Didcot. 2 days ago I was literally driven nearly off the road by one well over the white line as it exited the site. Thank you.

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