Thames Water Update

Thames Water has asked the Parish Council to pass on the following information to residents:

As a provider of life essential supplies, Thames Water works hard to ensure water never stops flowing but from time to time, things can go wrong.  In these events, we try to deliver bottled water to people with water-dependent medical conditions (e.g. at-home dialysis) and to those with mobility issues, first of all.

As key workers, we support the NHS, the councils, our carers and charities in order meet the needs of our customers in vulnerable circumstances.  You can benefit from our free priority services: get in touch by emailing (or ask a friend to email for you and we can call you back) – we would like to know that we can add that extra layer of support to help increase your feeling of wellbeing and independence at home knowing that we are here for you when you need us.

If you have online access, you can find more about becoming a priority customer and register at  If you have no internet access, we can register you over the phone (0800 009 3652 option 3) or send you a paper application form in the post with a free return envelope.  If you need help with paying your water bills, find out more at

And last but not least, we developed some fun water testing games to pass the time: We hope you enjoy them.

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