200 Club Winners

The Long Wittenham 200 Club is pleased to announce the winners for April, May and June (to date).

£10 each to:
81    N. Gitsham
13    Mr. Hill
144  W. & J. Armstrong
84    A. Greenland

£10 each to:
7      A. Walsh
29   Y. Gronneberg
88   S. Matthews
23   K. Earl
197  Mr. Nightingale

£50 to 110  Mr & Mrs Clarkson
£10 each to:
193  M. Clamp
14    Mr & Mrs Cox
63    R. McCreight

Profits from the 200 Club go towards the maintenance and improvement of the Village Hall.  There are cash prizes through the year: £10 per week for 48 weeks, £50 in June and December and £100 in September and March.  The draw is made monthly.

Subscription is £12 for a full year April to March, pro-rata for the remaining months.

If you would like to participate in the 200 club, please email 200club@longwittenham.com

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