Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 20th July

The Parish Council will hold its monthly meeting in the Village Hall at 7:30pm on Thursday 20th July.

All residents are invited to attend.  Download the agenda here.

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4 Responses to Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 20th July

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Amused at “cycling on footpaths” being on the agenda. People cycle on footpaths because it’s dangerous to cycle on the High Street or Didcot Road due to the speed of traffic and parked vehicles.

    We have National Cycle Route 5 running through the village but you wouldn’t know it, in fact there were even objections to painting a short section of double yellow lines to stop school run parents parking blocking the cycle lanes through the chicane. Then people are surprised when people cycle on the pavements. Well I will continue to cycle on the pavements because it is not safe to cycle with children on the road.

    Maybe the Parish council should focus on the hedges that block half the footpath or cars parked on the pavement before worrying about kids cycling.

  2. Robert Calcutt says:

    I fully understand your reasons for cycling on footpaths – however, it remains illegal. Just remember that you have no right to cycle on any footpaths, and do not expect pedestrians to give way to you.

  3. Donna Harrison says:

    Fieldside is a byway so public have the right to use it why should it be changed to just to suit certain people really hope this doesn’t go ahead !!!!

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