An alternative Christmas card

As a change from writing individual Christmas cards to your local friends and neighbours, how about trying the idea first proposed last year and send your season’s greetings via The Bridge, and at the same time support the upkeep of your local church

St Mary’s Long Wittenham St. Michael & All Angels, Clifton Hampden

If you would like to take part please contact Clare Owen (editor) 407654, Deadline 15th November Cost £6 made payable to “Bridge Editorial” plus your donation to the church, which can be gift-aided using an envelope of which there are no doubt plenty in the church.

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  1. Eamon Carter says:

    I had the privilege of being brought up in Long Wittenham,mum,Hilda Carter was left
    to look after my 2 sisters and me after Dad,Horace Carter left her for a clippy in Oxford.
    How she managed to feed us baffles me.
    Although im now living near Heathrow Airport,the village is a daily thought in my mind,does anyone remember Martin Rogers nearly drowning near the weir?
    or the helicopter crash landing behind the Machine Man pub?
    I wonder how many people i went to school with in the village actually still live there !
    i would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.I hope to recieve a few replies and maybe get in touch with them.
    I’m married with 3 kids and 5 grandchildren,work as i said at heathrow and i keep meaning to return to the village for old times sake and visit my dads grave as well as my grandparents but its finding the time.
    We used to live at 25 Saxons Heath and my grand parents lived at 2 fieldside,now known as Carters cottage?(so im told)Anyway i hope to recieve a few nice replies from people that i knew,merry christmas and a very happy new year to all of you,god bless.

    • Veronica says:

      Hi are you descended from Jacob or Mathew Carter or anyone from that family.
      I am descended from Jacob and Jane Carter.

  2. pat cooper (nee carter) says:

    Just found this Eamon, knocked me back a bit.

    • Veronica says:

      Hi Are you descended from Jacob Carter Little/Long Wittenham.
      I am

      • Eamon Carter says:

        You probably think me very rude but believe me I have only just today the 1st of July seen your email sorry about that.
        My name is Eamon Carter brother of pat and eileen son of horace and hilda Carter and lived in saxons heath long wittenham number 25.
        I’m married to Sylvia have 2 daughters called Dawn and tricias and a son called Christopher both daughters live in staines and my son still living with us in old windsor.
        My wife is very fortunate to be here as on the 4th of February 2020 she had a cardiac arrest and heart attack but luckily both Chris and myself were there and gave her cpr until the medics arrived and they literally saved her life by shocking her, she was off work for 6 months convalescing and is now back at work and doing well.
        My email address is and I regularly read emails daily should you want to write to me perhaps I have answers that you need answering.
        Best regards Eamon and family. X

  3. Ros Clarke says:

    Hello, I’ve just looked up Long Wittenham online and found your post. I have started up again doing family history research having had a break for many years! starting with my Carter file, my great grandparents were Matthew and Hannah Carter from LW, my grandmother was Mary Ann Carter, one of 14 living children. Fred Carter was her brother. I remember taking my mum to LW several years ago and we went to Carters’ cottage, 2 Fieldside & met the young couple who lived there. Mum (born 1910) was very fond of her Uncle Fred. Would love to get in contact with any Carters who have links with LW! I live in Nottingham, regards Ros

    • Dawn carter says:

      My great great grandfather was called Matthew and my great great grandmother was called hannah. They had 12 kids one being fred carter who married flo and they had one kid called horace… Horace had 3 kids pat, eillen and my dad eamonn

    • Veronica McNab says:

      Hi Ros, not sure how this works. If I have to message you in reply. I have left a comment below outlying my Carter family connection.
      Hopefully you see it.
      Regards Veronica McNab nee Carter

  4. Veronica McNab says:

    Hi Everyone, I took a DNA test and was able to connect to my Grandmother Ada Carter, who was born to Jacob and Jane Carter. Jacob’s brother was Mathew wife Jane , sister to Hannah. I have worked out a huge family tree and connections to the Carter family.
    Have any of you taken a DNA test? Anyway have heaps of information and DNA connections. Jacob and Jane had 8 children and I have tracked all their lines.
    I would love any photos of the family, I have a few.
    My Grandmother Ada had a Son Arthur Ernest Carter who ended up in Western Australia where I live. She married and went to Canada.
    Please reply I love hearing about the family and have already connected to a lady in Long Wittenham June Woodage daughter of Horace. I think there were two Horace’s, I will have to look up my emails from June.
    This is an email I received from June.
    “My Grandmother was Martha Carter, daughter of Matthew and Hannah and my father was the one of Martha’s two children born out of Wedlock. My father was Horace and his sister was Doris (who married Ernest Hariis). Martha married Ernest Hill and they ran a greengrocery shop in Chichester. They went on to have Ernest, Phil, George and a daughter Molly.

    Fred Carter was my Dads Uncle. Fred Married Florence and they had a Son (also named Horace).

    My Dad married Gertrude Kimbrey and they had 7 children. Connie, Ken, Daphne, June (that me), Heather Beryl and David

    Sadly Connie, Ken and David died. We all have children. Daphne and I both live in Long wittenham.

    I believe you may have been in touch with my Nephew Martyn Briscoe”.
    Love to converse and I can send you my email address.
    Regards Veronica McNab (née Carter)

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