Asian Hornets

The Government is urging UK beekeepers and the public to be vigilant to the presence of Asian Hornets and report any sightings.

The Asian hornet is smaller than our native hornet and poses no greater risk to human health than our native wasps and hornets, but they do pose a risk to honey bees and insect pollinators.

Asian hornets are distinctive and can be identified by their very dark body, wide yellow stripe on the fourth abdomen section and yellow leg ends – see below.

Residents who suspect they have seen an Asian hornet should report it using the app ‘Asian Hornet Watch’ or by using this online report form.  Alternatively, e-mail and include a photograph, if this can be can safely obtained.

There is more information on the website and bee keepers should keep up to date with the latest situation on the sightings page and on BeeBase.

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