Ball games on Saxon’s Heath

Leaflets are to be delivered to homes surrounding the Green on Saxons Heath as part of a new drive to dissuade children from playing football and ball games on the open space.

Some residents have raised concerns about disturbance, the risk to children chasing balls into the road, the safety of drivers and possible damaged to vehicles.

The council considered erecting signs to deter children playing games on the Green but it s difficult to enforce the instruction. It wants youngsters to use the new play area for football, cricket and basketball at Acklings or Bodkin s Field. Leaflets are to be sent to residents surrounding the Green outlining concerns about playing games there and urging parents to encourage their children to use Acklings or Bodkin s Field.

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2 Responses to Ball games on Saxon’s Heath

  1. ? says:

    Have people got nothing better to complain about than to spoil children in the immediate area having fun being children. We were after all children once? The area at Acklings and Bodkins field is way out of the way with no overlooking houses. With all the murders, rapists and pedophiles in this world do you really think we would let our children go and play in either so called play areas this village deems to be suitable? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

  2. None of your business says:

    Here, here, I totally 100% agree with the response above.

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