Boathouse Plan for Maddy Moorings

Headington School is seeking planning permission to build a boathouse on Maddy Moorings, the land between High Street and the River Thames towards Clifton Hampden.  Headington is an independent girls’ school in Oxford, founded in 1915.

The parish council recently met with representatives from the school, the planning agent and the architects to discuss the plans which include a two storey boathouse, wet dock, landing stages and associated works.  Councillors suggested that the landing stages might be shared with groups and individuals in the village as the school will not be using them all the time.  The representative from the school said that they would want to be good neighbours and would consider such proposals.

You can view the plans and comment on them here:

If you would like to view hardcopy of the plans and drawings contact the parish clerk at

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7 Responses to Boathouse Plan for Maddy Moorings

  1. Edward Byard says:

    Brilliant – build it!

    I used to row, and even did a fair amount of coaching, and would love to do so again, and maybe even start Long Wittenham Rowing Club!

    We don’t make enough use of the river in LW, and this is a great idea.

    • Kathy Carter says:

      All very well Edward but what about cars and parking. The road is already very busy and that’s before all the extra traffic from the new houses they are building in Didcot. If they can guarantee a car park for ALL the cars and a safe access point then that’s fine I suppose though not certain why they want to build it in LW and not Oxford, cost?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Kathy As usual the PC always check on parking and access.
    There will be a safe turning off the main road and plenty of off road parking.
    The school will rely mainly on mini buses so there shouldn’t be dozens of cars.
    It could be a great asset if we can make arrangements to share it for the Village.
    PS. The River in Oxford is already very busy with other rowing clubs and the Uni.

  3. Mandy Williams says:

    Good idea but my concerns would be flooding and therefore no where to park and secondly that is a busy stretch of the river and I would be concerned for the safety of the rowers.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Mandy, Safety is their highest priority.
    If the River is in flood no one can use it.
    (the car park is raised above the usual flood levels)
    They would row from the Boathouse to Clifton Hampden Bridge and then train as far as Days Lock and back which is much quieter than other reaches where there is club rowing.

  5. Prew Bowtell says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity for the village to make use of the river – a village rowing club would be great Ed!

  6. Donna King says:

    First of all I would like to say the road from wittenham should be made to thirty speed limit to the bridge if you let this application go through then get this speed changed.Also where is all the parking going to be?Also if the village was interested in using the river they can already do so!!!its been there forever!!!!!!!you have just refused the houses for safety reasons foe access etc ,another case for not on my back door step…….

    First I would like to say if this planning is accepted make sure speed limit all the way to Clifton is made into thirty speed limit..we take our life in our hands coming from our mooring and also croosing to the barley mow is an accident waiting to happen…Also prew the river has been there forever so villagers can use it whatever ,doesn’t improve it at all.

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