Bus Service Plan Frustrated

Hopes of reviving a bus service in Long Wittenham have been dashed.  The Parish Council was considering using the Oxfordshire Comet Bus to provide a service to Didcot.  Mini-buses used by the county council to ferry children to special schools and elderly people to day centres in the county have been made available to individuals and groups between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

Parish councillors Gordon Rogers and Martin Elliff delivered letters to every household in the village asking who would use the service but only fifteen people responded.  Four said they would not use it leaving eleven people interested.  Following further visits, telephone calls and emails only four people said the service would be useful so the council has decided not to pursue the issue any further.

Mr Rogers said: “Much effort has gone into trying to revive some sort of bus service but clearly there is not enough support from villagers and so reluctantly we have decided to abandon the project. People who do not have access to transport will have to call on family and friends for lifts into neighbouring towns or use taxis.”

Mr Elliff said: “With only four people interested a service is not really viable.  It would be a waste of a 16-seater mini-bus that could be used by other groups.  If a dozen people had shown an interest then it might have been a different story.  It’s a disappointing outcome but at least the parish council tried.”

Individuals can book the Comet service to have sole use of the vehicle and to bring up to 15 additional people.  Booking details are on the Comet webpage, or telephone 01865 323201.

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