Clifton Hampden Bridge Closure – Reminder

Don’t forget that Clifton Hampden Bridge will close to traffic from tomorrow, Monday 9th October, for up to ten days.

This is for repair work that is required following a road traffic accident last year that demolished a length of brick parapet.

The road closure is needed to undertake the work required as the bridge is too narrow to work safely without one.  A route will be available for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the works.

The signed vehicular diversion route is approximately 8.5 miles.  The diversion route plan can be downloaded here.

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4 Responses to Clifton Hampden Bridge Closure – Reminder

  1. Jacqueline Armstrong says:

    Shame it was not done properly the first time. The council should not be wasting public money by doing the job twice and inconveniencing the general public again. Its now going to take twice as long to take down the botched job and put it right. Was it the case that too many complaints have been made about the botched job and now they having to do the job properly?.

    • Keith Tucker says:

      I thought the Same too. But apparently the bridge is constructed from hand made bricks that had to be made to order. So they did a temporary repair until these were available and they could do the job properly.

  2. Keith Tucker says:

    The closure is apparently from 07.00 am to 17.00 pm and just to traffic. Pedestrians will be allowed to pass.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn says:

    Well they weren’t doing any work today, just a couple of people in yellow jackets walking around. Not even any signs or cones to close the road. Was lovely and quiet through the village though!

    Perhaps they are leaving things until after the Abingdon Fair – not that I am complaining about the phantom closure!

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