Clifton Hampden Bridge Closure – Revised Date

The Parish Council has been advised by Oxfordshire County Council that the closure of Clifton Hampden Bridge, originally scheduled for 18th September for ten days, has now been rescheduled for 9th October, again for ten days.

This is for repair work that is required following a road traffic accident last year that demolished a length of brick parapet.

The road closure is needed to undertake the work required as the bridge is too narrow to work safely without one.  A route will be available for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the works.  It is hoped that if all goes well that the work could be completed in less time than the full two weeks indicated.

The signed vehicular diversion route is approximately 8.5 miles.  The diversion route plan can be downloaded here.

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5 Responses to Clifton Hampden Bridge Closure – Revised Date

  1. Virginie Rayner says:

    The start of this work falls when Abingdon Michaelmas fair is on ( 9-10th). Traffic when the fair is on is quite horrendous with huge delays in the morning and evenings , wouldn’t have been better to start the work on the 11th ?

  2. M Parker says:

    is the bridge open now? 20th Oct 17

  3. Jenny Plaister says:

    Is the bridge open for tomorrow 23rd October – does anyone know please?

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