Community Hub Planning Application Amendments

Some amendments to the Community Hub planning application have been submitted.  The changes are mainly technical and do not affect the overall plans.

At a recent meeting to discuss the minor changes, the Planning Officer reported how impressed she was with the level of support for the scheme from the Village.

The amendments, dated 10th August 2023, may be viewed on the South Oxfordshire District Council website:

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One Response to Community Hub Planning Application Amendments

  1. Ann+Tomline says:

    This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Parish Council which most support . I don’t see those who complain offering help. We are so lucky here to have such a dedicated hard working Council. It is a thankless job at times I speak from experience over many years
    I am looking forward to seeing a new school and new facilities and welcoming new residents to our village after all the children are the future.
    Let us be proud of our village.
    Thank you

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