Community Speedwatch Update

Parish Councillors David Corney and Sally Duff, co-ordinators of the village Community Speedwatch team, write …

Since the village speedwatch group started in February, 15 roadside sessions have been held and over 2,500 vehicles checked.  Of those, 81 people were recorded speeding, including one travelling at more than twice the legal limit.  All offenders are sent letters from Thames Valley Police cautioning them about their actions.  Repeat offenders are rare, but if it does happen, they may be prosecuted.

In addition to occasional rude gestures and comments, we are often offered “advice” from motorists and others telling us we are in the wrong pace and saying where we should be operating.  We would like to point out that everyone in the speedwatch team would love to run sessions wherever we could, including at the entrance to the village near Saxons Heath.  However, we cannot do this as we have to operate under serious constraints imposed by Thames Valley Police, and all sites selected have to be approved by them before we can use them.

That being said, looking at the results so far, we don’t think we are doing too badly.  Our thanks to the stalwart team, and to those who offer words of support and encouragement – they do make a difference.

For more information about Community Speedwatch in Long Wittenham, or if you might consider volunteering to join the group, please email

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