Covid-19 Vaccinations

We understand that residents are now being contacted by Clifton Hampden Surgery for Covid-19 vaccinations.  We have had the following request from NHS staff:

Please make sure that you and your family all locate your NHS number and have a copy of it it immediately to hand when you or they are called for the Covid-19 vaccination.  This is far the biggest bottle-neck when it comes to administering the vaccine to as many people as quickly as possible.  You can find your NHS number on any NHS correspondence, prescription or through the NHS App.

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5 Responses to Covid-19 Vaccinations

  1. Jane May says:

    Hopefully we will not be notified by post, as we only receive 2/3 postal deliveries at best per week currently, & much mail seems to be going astray?

  2. David Haylett says:

    We went for a whole week with no mail delivered at all, then a large bundle of cards, letters etc arrived. Then we went for several days with no mail, another bundle was then delivered and second bundle about an hour later!!

  3. Liz Nightingale says:

    I know my NHS Number but looked and searched the NHS App both on my phone and on line. I was unable to find any reference to how to find out your number if you don’t already know it.
    Perhaps others will have more success if so please post a link here for others to click on.

    • Admin says:

      On my NHS App, my NHS Number is shown on the home screen after I log in.

      You can also find it under “Contact Details” after you log into Patient Access from the Clifton Hampden Surgery website.

  4. Amy Laker says:

    A message from Clifton Hampden Surgery – Please note you will not be invited by post unless we cannot contact you in any other way or after multiple attempts by telephone. You will be invited by telephone in the first instance. Please do not call the surgery, we will call you when you are eligible to receive the vaccine. We also do not require your NHS number on the day of your vaccination. I hope this information helps residents. Amy Laker (Practice Manager)

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