Crime and Security Websites

A resident has suggested that the following two websites might be useful in protecting ourselves from crime:
This is the National Property Register that anyone can use for free to log valuable items.  Anything with a serial number can be entered.  For items without serial numbers, such as jewellery or bikes, you can buy security stickers, pens or RFID tags to attach to them, and then log these on the database.

There have been recent local reports of tools being stolen from vans or garages, and bikes from sheds etc.  If they are logged on this database then the Police can more easily recover and return them.
This is an extremely easy way to find out if your personal data has been included in any data breaches over the past decade or so.  It helps you identify for which accounts you need to reset passwords (or delete if you’d forgotten about them) and reinforces the importance of good password security.

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