Cycle By-Pass Lanes on High Street

Oxfordshire County Council is seeking the views of residents on proposals – as part of the ongoing Science Vale Cycling Network improvement works – to create cycle ‘bypass’ lanes in the existing traffic calming build-outs located to the north and south of the school access on the High Street.

The proposals, shown on this plan, will allow cyclists to navigate the build-outs instead of waiting with the vehicular traffic, and will be complimented with short cycle lanes on the buildout approaches allowing cycle traffic to pass queuing traffic.  The bypass lanes will be approximately 1.2 metres wide, and will incorporate a raised area approximately 3.75m in length, with associated ramps being 1.3m long.  The dimensions of the existing build-outs (in terms of effects on the main carriageway i.e. their ‘footprint’) and associated humps will not be altered as part of these proposals.

Any comments on this proposal should be submitted to Christian Mauz at by 18th September 2019.  Comments can also be sent by post to:

Christian Mauz
Technical Officer (Traffic & Road Safety)
Oxfordshire County Council
County Hall
New Road
Oxford  OX1 1ND

Further details of the wider Science Vale Cycling Network (SVCN) project can be found on the Councils website:

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6 Responses to Cycle By-Pass Lanes on High Street

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    What about improvements to the actual footpath so pedestrians can walk safely
    At the moment in several areas hedges
    Obstruct the path and the surfaces
    Are uneven.

  2. Ruth McCreight says:

    Unnecessary expense, if there is money to spare please repair the footpaths and potholes, also the raised path to Clifton Hampden.

  3. Robert Calcutt says:

    I would suggest that these are a complete waste of money…the road restriction on the Didcot Road of the village has cycle by-passes, and I have never seen them used by a cyclist. They are cluttered full of weeds and other debris, which clearly demonstrates their lack of use. As suggested, the money would be better spent on repairing the existing paths.

  4. Jane & Richard May says:

    We would be very much against this, not least in the interests of cyclists, who in our experience seldom if ever use the existing by pass. Such measures would only serve to urbanise the central conservation area of the village, and would impact on grass verges which are an inherent part of historical village character. In practical terms, unless double yellow lines could be installed either side of the bypass, the humps are adjacent to parking spaces which are heavily used at school drop off times, hence the path and sight lines of cyclists would be barred by parked cars several times in the day, if the village hall and school are in use.

  5. David Haylett says:

    Completely agree with comments already posted, I too have never seen cyclists using the existing cycle bypass in Didcot Road chicane so why waste money installing more and destroying the grass verges in the High Street?

  6. Alan Brown. says:

    These cycle by passes would be a total waste of money, you only have to look at the existing ones on Didcot Road, I have never seen these used they are overgrown with weeds etc. I f money is spare why not improve the road through the village by installing speed cushions and remove the chicanes, which cause so much pollution by cars sitting there with engines idling waiting to get through, then racing off in first gear instead of gently cruising through the village. At peak times there are cars queuing past the Plough pub trying to get through and school children having to walk to school in heavily polluted air.

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