Cyclepath Resurfacing Completed

Residents will be pleased to hear that the work to upgrade the section of cyclepath which runs from the west end of the village to Moor Ditch has been completed.

The path is part of National Cycle Route 5 which runs from Reading to Holyhead.  The widening and resurfacing was carried out by Sustrans, the charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, and cost in the region of £200,000.  The path is also a bridleway so a special surface, approved by the British Horse Society, was laid which means that it is now safer and more enjoyable for all users – cyclists, walkers and horse riders.

Residents who wish to support the work of Sustrans can do so on its website.

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10 Responses to Cyclepath Resurfacing Completed

  1. Martin Elliff says:

    I cycled the path this morning. It looks great and is a joy to ride. Thank you to Sustrans for an outstanding job.

  2. Liz Nightingale says:

    The cyclepath itself is excellent and we have seen some very happy cyclists there. I am also very pleased to see some of the rather large holes in the sides of the road from the end of High Street to the cycle path have been repaired.
    However, the actual road surface there (apart from the patches at the sides) is truly awful. I am hoping this is because this part of the road is due to be resurfaced. Is there any information on this? Fingers crossed.

  3. Donna Harrison says:

    I have asked the question on horse riders and why don’t they have to clean up after their horses like dog owners ,used the path regularly and often horse mess down their and on field side ??

    • Chris Waites says:

      It would be nice as it’s very inconsiderate but unlikely to happen. Better to ban them entirely on cycle paths and roads like Fieldside where you can’t use the pavement. Makes it very difficult for pushchairs and kids with scooters, my four year old fell off her scooter because there was horse poo across the entire path and it jammed her wheel.

      • Robert+Calcutt says:

        The “cyclepath” from the village is first and foremost a bridleway. So contrary to the belief of some cyclists, they do not have right of way on these paths – pedestrians and horse riders do. There is also no legal requirement for horse riders to pick up horse poo on roads or rights of way that they are permitted to use. I agree that horse riders should not use footpaths, but then neither should cyclists!

        • Chris Waites says:

          No-one has “right of way” on bridleways. It’s a concept dreamed up to antagonise people.

          Cyclists have equal rights to use bridleways as horses and pedestrians – Countryside Act 1968. They are required to give way to pedestrians and horses.

          Seeing as the new track is wide enough to pass in opposite directions there should be no need to “give way” unless cyclists or horse riders deliberately ride across the path.

          It’s either a hypothetical or confected conflict, unless horse riders expect cyclists (and presumably car drivers on roads) to stop entirely and push their bike past horses.

          Incidentally of course the new Highway Code requires horse riders to give way to pedestrians, and give way to cyclists and pedestrians at crossings. But I’ve never seen a pedestrian force a horse off the path because most people are considerate enough to share paths.

  4. Jane May says:

    Delighted to hear this is a surface compatible with horse use. I hope there may still be a width restriction either end to prevent use by quad bikes, or any other motorised vehicle.

  5. Chris Waites says:

    New surface is fantastic and a huge improvement on what is was like previously. Thank you Sustrans and all others involved, the kids have been up and down on it like yoyos.

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