Death of an Intrepid Cyclist

Come rain, come shine, Roger Stone was a regular cyclist on most days between the village and Didcot.  But the familiar site of Roger on his bicycle is now a closed chapter.  He died recently at his home in Saxon’s Heath from pneumonia after suffering from cancer.  He was seventy-seven.

Roger was born and raised in Long Wittenham and lived with his parents, Jean and Harold, in Fieldside before moving to a property in the High Street and later to a flat in Saxon’s Heath, following the death of his mother.

Roger Stone on a boat trip last year.

Close family friends Jacqueline and Waynne Armstrong, and Wendy and Bill Sellwood, who all live in Fieldside cared for Roger.  They did his shopping, washing and ironing, took him to the village church cinema, the cinema in Didcot and boat trips in the summer.

The Davis family were also close friends of Roger.  Adam Davis said “My parents helped Roger move from Saxon’s Heath to his flat after his mother’s death.  They cared for Roger when he needed help, repairing his bike when he got a puncher, general maintenance and decorating his flat many years ago.  My parents continued this support and provided him with a Christmas meal every year until they themselves got too old to do so.”   Roger had no family remaining.

Mrs Armstrong said: “Roger was a private person, seemingly recluse, but when you got to know him he was a kind, warm-hearted friend.  He was well known to many villagers. He was known as ‘smiler’ and considered a bit of a legendary figure”.

For many years Roger worked at a local egg-packing business.  He also worked as a cleaner at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon and later at the Culham Science Centre.  His funeral will take place at 11am on Wednesday 2nd December at St Mary’s Church.

Thanks to Jacqueline Armstrong for the photograph.

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25 Responses to Death of an Intrepid Cyclist

  1. Liz Nightingale says:

    Rest in peace Roger.

  2. Carlene says:

    Keep shining Roger ✨✨

  3. Tracey says:

    RIP Rodger fly high ❤️❤️

  4. June Eastwood says:

    Good night Roger, cycle in peace.

  5. Kayleigh mccaffery says:

    Grew up in long Wittenham and he used to go to didcot everyday on his bike. Everytime we drove past him I’d always say to my fella hes still at it. 30 years nearly of catching him.on his bike. R.I.P Roger.

  6. Pauline Withey says:

    Rest in Peace Roger, my sister & I originally lived in Long Wittenham and we always remembered you from when we were young and we always looked out for you along the Didcot road. Sleep tight Roger, love Pauline & Carol xx

  7. Dave says:

    His daily cycle rides to Didcot no matter what the weather should serve as a good lesson to all. We don’t seem to have people with that can do will do mindset anymore. R.I.P Roger

  8. Shaun says:

    Roger (AND his bike) will be sorely missed RIP

  9. Emma ellery says:

    We will miss seeing you and your bike. You were a legend to my parents, then to me and then to my son. Ride on Roger x

  10. Gary says:

    He was a customer of ours since our business opened 30 yrs ago. Living in Appleford so many times I drove part him down the long Abingdon rd in conditions when it was grim in a car let alone a bike.
    I said to him one day “ do you ride into Didcot every day” he replied “ twice a day”

  11. Clare Dovey-Wilson says:

    Rest in peace, Roger. We will miss seeing you every day on your bike x

  12. Stuart Bonthron says:

    An icon. I’ll miss seeing him on the road.

  13. James Avery says:

    Sorry to hear about Roger, I knew him from when I lived I long Wittenham many years ago, My Dad worked with his Dad,
    I will pass this on to my sister who went to school with him, at Long Wittenham. My Sostrr and I offended talk about those day, and Roger was always remembered in our conversation. Sad loss.

  14. Jan Blackburn says:

    Rip roger will miss you dearly ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Denise Clark says:

    RIP Roger you will be missed

  16. Edward Byard says:

    Very sad news, Roger was a constant presence in the village and we would pass him every day on the way back from school in Didcot. He never said more than “Hello” to me, but it was always said in a friendly voice.

    I live so far away that I am unable to attend the funeral, but I do hope the village turns out to mark the passing of one of our own.

  17. Barry lee says:

    R.IP.Roger sleep tight

  18. Liz M says:

    What sad news. Such a quiet character who we called ‘Smiler’ when we first moved here 25years ago! We used to see him on the Abingdon Road either coming or going and had recently wondered if he had been able to negotiate the road closure as we hadn’t seen him. Only ever spoke to him once when I happened to bump into him as he was parking his bicycle in town and we had a lovely little chat. RIP you will be missed by so many.

  19. Kerry windebank says:

    Was only the other week I was saying to my husband, not seen Roger for a while on these road, whilst driving Down that stretch of road… So so sad REST IN ETERNAL PEACE ROGDER, keep on peddling dear chap.
    Sorely missed, but will never be forgotten. Love the windebanks. Xx

  20. Roxy Darling says:

    We used to live and married in Long Wittenham. I would see Roger daily on his bike as I drove to work and back! He always amazed me. RIP.

  21. Jenny Brazier says:

    So sad. He was well known in Long Wittenham for riding his bike. He will be sadly missed.

  22. Jenny Brazier says:

    Very sad. One of Long Wittenhams old school. He will be sadly missed.

  23. Linda says:

    My son and I saw Roger regularly on our way to and from Didcot. The man was a legend, out in all weathers just pottering along on his bike. RIP Mr Stone from two people who never knew you personally but have missed your presence.

  24. Deborah Slater says:

    Roger moved from fieldside to saxons heath and then when his mum died he moved into the flat.

  25. Sean webb says:

    Rip, it won’t be the same driving those roads without seeing you on your bike

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