Remember, Remember, the 5th of November – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!

With the Village Bonfire Party this year is on Saturday 5th November at 6pm, we are hoping to encourage as many of you as we can to build a Guy Fawkes and enter it into the competition, which this year is being sponsored by The Vine and Spice. Details can be found below.

The Project Britain website explains the history of the tradition (a child friendly version and you can use to explain to your children / grandchildren / great grandchildren … or use to remind yourself!). The Netmums website also has some ideas about building a guy as well as some other fun bonfire night craft activities for any of you wanting some things to do with the kids

2011 Guy Fawkes Making Competition

  1. Build a Guy Fawkes – (it doesn’t necessarily need to look like Guy Fawkes, the more creative the better!)
  2. Display it outside your house / in your front garden from Sunday 30th October (so that the vicar can drive around to look at them all in readiness for judging)
  3. Bring it to the Firework Display Paddock behind Challis Farm at 3pm on Saturday 5th November for judging and announcement of the winner and prize

The winning guy will also crown the bonfire.

Happy building!

Emma, Sally and Sarah


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