Do You Know a Long Wittenham Unsung Hero?

The Parish Council is keen to acknowledge residents who quietly ‘just get on with’ something, spending their spare time doing things for the village without asking for payment or recognition.

The council is aware that many of these people would not want to be in the spotlight, but it would like to send them a quiet ‘Thank You’ so that they know their efforts have been noticed and appreciated.

Unfortunately, people who do things behind the scenes are often not recognised for what they do.  So your help is needed.

Do you know someone who spends their spare time litter picking around the village, or maybe someone who weeds the flower beds at The Pound?

If you do, then please nominate them in an email to the Parish Clerk  – – giving their name and address.  Please head your email ‘Long Wittenham Unsung Hero’.

Let’s celebrate these wonderful Unsung Heros.

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One Response to Do You Know a Long Wittenham Unsung Hero?

  1. Edwin Heywood says:

    Gordon Rogers
    An invaluable friend who enabled me to have the “Hazel Trees” planted by “Earth Trust” at the “Little Wittenham Wood” on the Sad occasion of my Wife and Family’s passing.
    She and her family are past residents of “Long Wittenham” from the early War Years, all relocated during the “London Blitz” to Long Wittenham in 1936, Elizabeth was aged 3 at the time.
    When I was called for National Service in 1952 and posted to Didcot R.A.O.C. we met and fell in love during my time at the Depot, and married in August 1955.
    Forever grateful, unfortunately, Elizabeth passed away in 2019
    Regards to All
    Edwin Heywood is a resident of South Australia.

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