Do you use Ackling’s Playground?

The Parish Council is seeking to have Ackling’s Playground at the western end of the village registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).  This means that if St John’s College, from which the Parish Council rents the land, wishes to sell it in the future, the village would be given the opportunity to purchase it for the community.

In order to have the asset registered as an ACV, the parish council has to demonstrate that it is used regularly by residents and village groups.  The Pre-school uses it weekly during term times for their Forest School.

If you have used the playground for an event in the last twelve months or plan to do so in the near future, or if you use it on a regular basis, please contact Councillor Martin Elliff at

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  1. Donna King says:

    When my children were young there were swings sandpit etc we used it all the time along with other families ,maybe there should me more equipment to encourage more people down there.

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