Fast Vehicle Using Fieldside

A vehicle was observed travelling at a dangerous speed along Fieldside between the Little Wittenham Road and the Didcot Road yesterday (Tuesday 21st November) at around 4.30pm.

While vehicles are allowed to use Fieldside (it is a byway open to all traffic), they need to be particularly careful of people, children and animals who are also likely to be using the track.

At that time of day, and at an estimated speed of over 20mph, this driver was clearly showing no consideration for anyone else on Fieldside.  It seems most likely that this was a result of someone trying to bypass traffic calming measures on High Street, and consequently it is likely that this may happen again.

If you are walking along Fieldside (at any time of day), but particularly at dusk, please pay particular attention to traffic travelling at speed, and ensure that any children or dogs that are with you, are within close range and can be moved to a safe place at very short notice.

If this does occur and you are able to obtain the number plate of the vehicle, please do report the incident yourself, or contact Cllr David Corney at with relevant details, and he will report the incident.

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2 Responses to Fast Vehicle Using Fieldside

  1. Jane May says:

    It might be noted that some SatNavs (including ours) actually send you down Fieldside; not sure if this can be remedied in any way, though.

    • Mike Duff says:

      Hi Jane,

      I agree. I have had to guide quite a number of drivers sent along Fieldside from Didcot Road by their Sat Navs. Most have stopped to do a U-turn when they reach The Vine.

      A suggestion to the Parish Council that a notice at Didcot Road and another opposite the entrance to the church might help stop the use of this rat-run was rejected by the PC on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence – not that my evidence was ever requested!

      At 1530 today a Transit-style pickup loaded with a cement mixer went very quickly down Fieldside towards Wessex Way. It was the noise of the insecure mixer bouncing around that caught my attention.

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