Fix My Street Super User Volunteers

Fix My Street LogoThe Parish Council has been asked by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to distribute the following information to residents.

OCC created OXTOG – Oxfordshire Together – to mobilise and support a team of volunteers around the County to help look after their own roads, pavements and public rights of way.  As part of OXTOG there is a growing team of volunteers known as Fix My Street Super Users.

The Super Users are, in effect, the ‘eyes and ears’ of the County Council Highways Officers and are trained to report and action certain road repairs, specifically potholes and damaged kerbs, on low-speed, minor roads using Fix My Street.

The Volunteer Co-ordination team at OCC is currently recruiting more Fix My Street Super Users in this area.  The training takes place online in small groups.

To find out more, email:

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