Footpath Improvements

Our village footpath warden, David Corney, has sent through the photographs below showing recent improvements to the footpaths around the village.

The photograph on the left shows the reburbished footbridge over Moor Ditch on the footpath to Appleford.  That on the right, shows the new bridge which spans the stream on the footpath that runs from behind the Vine and Spice up to Sires Hill.

David says that these repairs mean that every major footpath bridge in the parish is now in a good state.

Thanks to David for all his efforts on behalf of the village.

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8 Responses to Footpath Improvements

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Great now can we get the highways to do something about our pavements around the village so disabled people and elderly can walk safely without falls. If you have part of the pavement outside your house see it is kept clear Thank you

    • David Corney says:

      Hi Ann, I’m not sure if you are addressing that comment to me, but if so, I won’t be pursuing mending of pavements – this does not fall within my remit around public rights of way. Perhaps that is something you would like to take up with OCC?

      Best regards,

    • Chris Waites says:

      I know not part of David’s remit but agree with this. Overgrown vegetation and careless parking (the latter not usually by residents) make many pavements difficult to push a pushchair along. It must be very frustrating for more infirm villages.


  2. Chris Waites says:

    Thank you David for all your hard work (and walking all the footpaths!). There have definitely been noticeable improvements which are greatly appreciated.

    Is there any news on the resurfacing of the cycle & footpath heading from the High Street towards Didcot? That is very overgrown and difficult to pass. Happy to help trim it back if Sustrans are not starting work soon.

  3. david corney says:

    Hi Chris, thank you for your support. I believe the improvement of the cycle track is in hand from the LW perspective, although of course, the cycle path also runs into the Didcot Parish. I believe a refurbishment of the entire cycle path, (including Didcot) is on the agenda for improvement and upgrade shortly (within the next few months), but you would be wise to check with the parish council for full, and more accurate details.

    Best regards,

    • Admin says:

      The resurfacing and widening of the cycle path from the High Street to the bridge over Moor Ditch was originally scheduled for October. It was then postponed until late November, but has been postponed again. The work is now scheduled for 10th January to 6th February 2022. Details of the closure of the path to facilitate the work will be posted here nearer the time.
      The section of cyclepath from the Appleford Road to the tunnel under the A4130 is supposed to be upgraded as part of the NE Didcot development but no date has been set for this.

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