Fostering in Oxfordshire

The Parish Council has been asked by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to let residents know that it is recruiting for more foster carers.

Fostering is about providing stability, positivity, and reassurance when a child needs it most.  It’s not easy because many of the children need a lot of support.

With OCC, foster carers get all the training they need, plus fair pay and so much more besides:

  • They fit around you.  Whether you are single, work full time or have kids – foster
    carers come in all shapes and sizes.  So, OCC wants to make sure you get what you need, when you need it.
  • The county council service is not for profit.  Unlike private fostering agencies,  everything goes back to supporting you and the child you are caring for.
  • There is training for everything.  From day one you’ll be learning so you’ll feel so much more prepared to adapt to the needs of different children.
  • You’ll keep Oxfordshire children local.  They’ll do better if they stay near to family and friends so the county council do everything they can to keep children in the county.
  • Mentoring support is available 24/7 so you’ll never feel alone.

Sound interesting?  Speak to one of the team – no commitment, just conversation.

Find out more on the OCC website.

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