Fun Run – Call for Volunteers

The Village Fun Run will take place on 2nd June and it’s time to fill in the spaces on the organisers’ volunteers list.  Some residents will have helped in the past and it is hoped you will want to help again.  If you are not taking part in the run/walk but would like to be a part of this great village tradition, please get in touch now!

Below is the table of volunteers.  The yellow boxes show that the job is suitable for older teenagers.  There will be a special certificate awarded to young people who volunteer – the rest of you will earn a glow of satisfaction knowing that you helped raise vital funds for village causes and helped dozens of people have fun taking part in the event.  You can volunteer for a particular job – or be allocated one by the organisers.  Most jobs require you to be at The Plough at 10am (but some are earlier) and you may be busy in your job till 1pm, but many jobs are shorter.  Let the organisers know if you are time restricted.

If you have been missed off the list but you have already offered your services, please accept the organisers’ apologies and offer again.  Please spread the word in the village that we need all the help that can be mustered.

There is still time to enter for the run, either by downloading an entry form from the village website:

or at

To volunteer or for more information contact Prew Bowtell at or telephone 07951 009561.

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