Get Money Off Your Energy Bills

Resident Jim Brown writes …

The Winter Energy Cashback scheme started again on 1st November.  Figures suggest that only 3% of people with a smart meter are taking advantage of it.  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up with a compatible app.
  • Link your smart meter.
  • Earn cash for using less energy during ‘Demand Events’.

Anyone with a smart meter can take part, you just need to link your meter with a compatible app that tracks your energy usage at the correct times.

If you can reduce your electricity usage by at least 25% compared to normal then you’ll start to earn cashback.

In one ninety minute session I earned £5.47, that’s almost twice my total daily usage of about £3.00!  And all we did was turn a few things off.

To track my energy usage I’ve been using the app ‘Hugo’ (other providers are available).  You can read more about it here:

All you need to do is find the ID number on your smart meter’s in-home display and put it into the Hugo app.  This will allow Hugo to find your records for the past year and calculate your typical usage (this might take up to 24hrs to show in the app).

Now, in Hugo’s settings, you have to register with the main Registration button, and then you’ll be able to opt in to each event as they happen.  You’ll get emails the day before any Demand Events, and notifications on the day to remind you.  All you have to do is remember to turn your electric things off!

Will it earn you megabucks?  No.  But it’s free and easy, and you’ll be helping with research into how the grid can be greener.

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