Going Forward Buses – Services Suspended

The Parish Council has been asked to pass on this message from Going Forward Buses:

It is with regret that we advise we are suspending all our services from Saturday 28th March 2020 onwards.  The numbers travelling have fallen so dramatically that we cannot continue operating, and in any case we feel it is difficult to justify running services when the government is asking everyone not to travel.  “Stay home, save lives”.

Please check our website www.goingforwardbuses.com for news of when we will start operating again; we will also send any updates to all who are on our newsletter mailing list so we can keep you informed.  Please pass the message on to anyone you know who uses our services.

While we’re in hibernation we’re looking at whether we can find volunteers to drive our buses for special trips for those who cannot get to supermarkets, the bank or medical facilities any other way.  If you might be interested in helping organise or running (driving!) such trips, or might need such assistance, please get in touch, preferably by email to littlebluebus@yahoo.com.

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