Half Term Events at Earth Trust

Earth Trust will be hosting a number of events aimed at children for the half term in February.

The events will take place at the Earth Lab, Earth Trust Centre, Little Wittenham.

Monday 12th February 10am to 2pm Orienteering Adventure

Explore Wittenham Clumps and learn map reading and navigation skills.

The day begins with the young explorers getting to know each other with some fun team building challenges.  Then it’s time to learn key orienteering skills – map reading and how to use a compass – followed by a practise session in the safety of the Earth Lab gardens.

After lunch, it’s off to the Wittenham Clumps to take on orienteering challenges and put your new navigational skills to the test, traversing around the area to find all the markers. In small teams, you’ll be finding out fun facts about the history of the landscape as well as honing collaborative and communication skills.

This event is for children aged 7 to 12 years.  Tickets are £20 per child (booking fees apply).

Tuesday 13th February 10am to 2pm Ancient Adventurers

History is brought to life as young explorers will be immersed in the rich history and culture of our ancestors as they take on the role of a time-travelling tribe from Prehistoric Britain who suddenly find themselves in the 21st century!

Expert guides lead them through interactive exhibits, engaging activities, and captivating storytelling sessions as they explore their strange but familiar environment around the Wittenham Clumps and into the woods.

They will set up camp, light a fire and cook with ingredients raided from the modern buildings and gardens.  Honing their communication and cooperation skills, they’ll need to work together to get the jobs done!

The day culminates with the tribe gathered around the campfire to hear stories of ancient legends as they enjoy their tasty campfire snack.

This event is for children aged 7 to 12 years.  Tickets are £20 per child (booking fees apply).

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th February 10-11.30am Little Acorns

The Little Acorns sessions feature a variety of seasonal activities for children to discover, inspired by the natural world.  The first Little Acorns of 2024, this February half-term, is celebrating British garden birds.

Children will help our feathery friends get through the winter hunger gap by creating their very own bird feeder, to take home.  With a range of bird-related crafts and outdoor activities to explore – including a mud kitchen and water play – the session will end with the group coming together for a game of ‘guess the bird song’ and a story.

The sessions are suitable for children aged 2 to 7 years.  Tickets are £10 per child (booking fees apply).

For tickets and more information on these and other events go to the Earth Trust website.

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