Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is asking residents to comment on its new draft health and wellbeing strategy.

The county is facing challenges with an ageing population, increased demand for services, mental health and wellbeing concerns in young people and significant inequality in our health.

A partnership across the county has been working to develop a strategy that gives power to communities to help deliver what is needed to support people to make healthy choices, live independently and stay happier and healthier for longer.

OCC are now asking whether it makes sense for you in your community?  You can get involved and have your say on the OCC Let’s Talk website.

The consultation is open until 12th November.

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2 Responses to Health and Wellbeing Strategy

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Why can’t you open the survey when it says tap to comment but just doesn’t open not a good start.
    Having a Strategy is fine but why is funding always cut from Health and Social care?
    Money spent on changing the road systems would have been better spent on helping the elderly disabled and children with special needs. Somehow the Council doesn’t get its priorities right. The Council should be more proactive when working with Health if the budget was shared may be there would not be so many duplications regarding staffing

    • Admin says:

      I have just tried using the survey and it’s seems to be working now. I have tried three different browsers so it should be fine.
      If you still have problems, you can request a paper copy of the consultation documents by emailing: or call the county council’s Customer Services Team on 01865 816000.

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